Karine Vandermeulen Physiotherpy Kingston

Karine Vandermeulen

Dip. MSc. Hons(Physio), Dip.Grad.Man.Therapy(NL), M.C.S.P./O.C.P.P.P.

Physiotherapy in Kingston

PHYSIOTHERAPY with a difference in the Coombe area of Kingston-upon-Thames

Physiotherapy Services

  • Postural Realignment
  • General Rehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation for the elderly
  • Exercise Programs
  • Stretching

What Physiotherapy Services are offered?

Every patient is treated by Karine to the highest standards based on acquired skills while practising alongside very knowledgeable therapists (manipulative therapists, osteopaths) and complimented with continued professional development and study in the U.K.

The initial assessment (50’) is extensive and thorough, an exhaustive set of questions will be asked and the relevant body parts are subjected to a systematic and detailed examination as well as a series of tests with the aim to acquire a deep understanding of the problem. Finally an individual treatment plan is explained and a prediction of how many sessions you need is given

Subsequent treatments will be 40’ long and include mainly hands-on treatment, appropriate advice and exercises to tackle the problem and avoid reoccurrence.

Karine is registered with most Private Health Insurance Companies.


Initial Assessment: £50-£60
Follow up appointments: £50
Hourly session: physio/exercise/back school: £60

Other Services

  • manipulative therapy
  • electrotherapy
  • deep tissue massage
  • postural realignment
  • individual/group exercise programs
  • back school
  • stretch classes
  • taping
  • video analysis of running

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