Karine Vandermeulen Physiotherpy Kingston

Karine Vandermeulen

Dip. MSc. Hons(Physio), Dip.Grad.Man.Therapy(NL), M.C.S.P./O.C.P.P.P.

Physiotherapy in Kingston

PHYSIOTHERAPY with a difference in the Coombe area of Kingston-upon-Thames

Physiotherapy for:

  • back pain
  • sciatica
  • neck and shoulder problems
  • nerve pain
  • sports injuries
  • running injuries
  • headaches
  • ligament/muscle injuries
  • postural problems

Kingston Physiotherapy

Karine Vandermeulen trained as a physiotherapist in Belgium (Leuven, Msc.hons,’87), subsequently obtained her diploma in Manual Therapy (Stichting Opleiding Manuele Therapie, Eindhoven, Netherlands,’91). Karine has always had a great passion for sport and played handball until she was 25 and was a ski instructor. Now she keeps fit with running and frequent general exercises.

Karine’s expertise is mainly focused on musculoskeletal conditions for any age group. Since 1987 she has developed a broad international professional career as a private practitioner. She worked in Belgium as a manual therapist, in France alongside an osteopath and in The Netherlands as a manual therapist. She established her own private practice in Kingston since 2000.

Physiotherapy Advice

  • Postural Re-alignment
  • Rehabilitation
  • Exercise Programs
  • Stretching

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